2024 Award Honoree




Raffi Cavoukian is a singer, songwriter, music producer, ecology advocate,
entrepreneur, author, and above all else, children’s champion. His concerts and recordings have delighted millions of children and adults since the1970s.

Known by his first name alone, Raffi was a pioneer in quality recordings for children on his independent label, Troubadour. For millions of fans, Raffi’s music was the soundtrack of their childhoods, and they took to heart his signature song “Baby Beluga,” and its underlying love of nature. These “beluga grads” now share his music with their own children. Raffi elevated the standards of children’s music recording which continues today. His new album, entitled “Penny Penguin,” will be released in 2024.

The Raffi Foundation for Child Honouring was founded in 2010 to spread a universal ethic that views honouring children as the best way to build community, restore ecosystems and create sustainable economies that support the wellbeing of children and families. Raffi has received the Order of Canada, the Order of BC, the UN Earth Achievement Award, five honorary degrees and the Fred Rogers Integrity Award for refusing all commercial endorsements and never advertising to children.