Tell Us Why You Love the Purple Museum! (Unlock $1)

As we raise critical funds for the Museum through our annual Legacy for Children Award Event, we need our community standing with us to show our sponsors how much the Purple Museum means to us all – and the impact we have on children across the South Bay.

Join us in sharing #WhyILoveThePurpleMuseum to showcase your family’s most unforgettable Museum memories, exhibits, or activities. Not only will we showcase some of our favorite responses at our Legacy Gala on June 18th for all to see, but your submission will unlock $1 towards the Museum’s 2022-23 Restoration and Revitalization Plan, up to $500.

The heart of our work strives to encourage children’s growth and development, while building an even stronger community in support of the next generation – your answer will help us achieve both of these goals! Tell us: Why do you love the Purple Museum? Unlock $1 now >>

Why do you love the Purple Museum?

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